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Campaign for Inclusive Care

The Academy for Inclusive Care

Everything You’ll Need To Practice Inclusive Care

Use these resources in conjunction with the training videos, accessible here to learn how you can integrate into important healthcare planning conversations.

A Comprehensive Suite of Resources

Use these resources in conjunction with the Academy for Inclusive Care training videos, accessible here and learn how to practice inclusive care. Make it the standard of care at your facility. Completion of all four modules, including pre- and post-testing has now been approved for CMEs for Physicians and Nurses.

Please note once you enter the Academy by clicking the link above, you will need to register with TRAIN. There is also a pre- and post-test that we are administering to gauge the impact of these courses. As always, we welcome and invite your feedback, contact information provided below.

The Campaign for Inclusive Care is a strategic joint initiative of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Elizabeth Dole Foundation (EDF), graciously supported by USAA, to embrace, engage, and empower caregivers, clinicians, and Veterans throughout the entire care journey from day one.

The Academy offers four online video resources that will support VA clinicians, social workers, and front-line staff in fostering an inclusive care environment across the VA system. These educational courses are designed to shift culture of care at VA hospitals to include caregivers on their wounded warriors’ medical team, reduce the challenges of being a caregiver, and ultimately improve health outcomes for both our Veterans and caregivers. With the launch of the Academy, VA clinicians and staff will receive the training and tools needed to better communicate with and work more collaboratively with our nation’s hidden heroes.

The courses will be available for CME/CEUs for Physicians and Registered Nurses, upon completion of all four modules and the pre- and post-tests.

Academy for Inclusive Care point of contact: Coleton Whitaker at Coleton@elizabethdolefoundation.org



Individual Resources

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Hidden Heroes: America's Military Caregivers

This is the seminal report on military and veteran caregivers, their demographics, and their needs. Published by the RAND Corporation in 2014, it quantifies caregivers’ needs and assesses policies and programs designed to meet them.

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Improving Support for America's Hidden Heroes: A Research Blueprint

This “research blueprint” identifies gaps in current research on military and veteran caregivers and explores how these gaps might be addressed.

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Health Affairs article on Inclusive Care

Published in the June 2019 peer-reviewed journal, Health Affairs, “Including Family Caregivers in Seriously Ill Veterans’ Care: A Mixed-Method Study.

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VHA Patient Advocacy Program Directive

This directive establishes policy, procedures and responsibilities for the Office of Patient Advocacy and describes the program model, patient complaints, patient-centered care coordinators, and more.

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VHA Confidential Communications Directive

This directive establishes policy concerning a Veteran patient’s rights to receive confidential communications pertaining to health care other than at their given address according to HIPAA. Among many issues, it addresses the Enrollment System and the five correspondence types allowed under HIPAA.

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VHA Patient Care Data Capture Directive

This directive establishes policy requiring the capture of patient encounters, appointments, and services across many inpatient and outpatient programs. It also outlines responsibility across leadership and clinical staff on how to capture and communicate data to Veterans.

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VHA Privacy Directive

This directive establishes the VHA-wide privacy policy including privacy training, use and disclosure of information, individuals’ privacy rights, privacy complaints and incidents, notice of privacy practices and privacy compliance monitoring.

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Working with Patients and Family as Advisors for Health and Safety

A guidebook to working with families and patients as advisors in hospitals, focused on quality and safety issues.

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VHA Handbook on Management of Release of Information

This handbook establishes processes and procedures for managing the Release of Information (ROI) within a Health Information Management (HIM) department.

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Zarit Burden Interview

Zarit Burden Interview – Caregiver Self-Report Measure, 22 questions. See APA link for more information.